Georgia Woman Files Suit Against Michigan Body Armor Company for Failing to Save Officer Husband

The widow of a deceased Georgia police officer filed suit after her late husband’s bullet-proof vest failed to protect him while he was working as a security guard in Griffin, Georgia. The widow, Tammy Jordan, filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. She argued that the vest, made by Michigan-based company Armor Express, did not save her late husband because it failed to function in the manner that the company represented it would.Officer Kevin Jordan was shot numerous times after intervening in an altercation at a restaurant in May 2014. According to court filings, Jordan was employed as an off-duty security guard when he attempted to restrain a man–Michael Dwyane Bowman–who was combative with the patrons at a Waffle House. Bowman was indicted on  murder and aggravated assault on a police officer and related charges.

In court filings, Armor Express denied that the vest failed to meet standards. The company claimed that it hasn’t seen the specific vest or been given information about it, such as how it was worn or where the officer was shot.

Armor Express–also called Central Lake Armor Express–is headquartered in Central Lake, Michigan. The company has supplied armor for the U.S. Navy, Army, and Air Force. Armor Express has also provided armor for both U.S. police and international police. Its website boasts numerous examples of its body armor saving officers from death and injuries during public shootings.

In her lawsuit, Tammy Jordan contends that the vest was designed to protect Jordan from bullet wounds on his back. The vest covered the parts of Jordan’s back where he was shot, Jordan alleged, yet it failed to save him. Jordan was the father of seven children, and his wife is suing on behalf of herself and their children. If she prevails in this wrongful death claim based on a product liability theory, the officer’s family may be able to receive a wide range of damages. Typical forms of compensation in wrongful death claims may account for both the expenses associated with the victim’s treatment before death, in addition to burial costs, as well as the losses that the victim’s loved ones suffered based on their relationship with the victim.

Armor Express’s lawyer, John Dixon, and the company’s public representative declined a request for comment.

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