Michigan Court Decides that Automobile Crash Victims Can No Longer Have Their Insurance Coverage Cut After an Accident

shutterstock_84041677-300x200Recently, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that a previous amendment to Michigan’s insurance laws was unconstitutional, reversing the amendment in a way that is now favorable to individual policy holders across the state. The ruling comes as a victory for victims of car crashes that find themselves in need of money for medical care and that might normally face uphill battles in getting their insurance companies to compensate them for their care.

In 2019, a significant change to Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance law made it so that many insurance companies could take reimbursement away from injured Michiganders after their accidents occurred. Individuals that had previously paid for lifetime medical care in their insurance policies often saw their benefits slashed when they then became victims in a traffic collision and needed more intense medical care. As a result, these same victims often lost access to critical care when they needed it the most.

Late last month, however, a three-judge panel on the Michigan Court of Appeals decided that changing the terms of patients’ coverage after their accidents violated the Michigan constitution. Now, because of the ruling, insurance companies are unable to cut victims’ coverage after they are involved in any kind of car accident. If a Michigan driver, then, has enrolled in coverage that provides for full-time care and that driver then becomes the victim of an accident, their coverage will stay in place after the accident occurs.

According to advocates in the state, approximately 7,000 car accident victims in need of full-time care have had their treatment terminated because of the 2019 amendment over the last three years. Victims in this same position will now have a much easier time getting the treatment they need, allowing Michiganders to access necessary medical care as they recover from oftentimes catastrophic collisions. Although this change isn’t going to impact everyone whose been in an accident, it is an important shift for certain accident victims that will ensure they receive the care they need.

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