Michigan Industrial Workplace Accident Liability

shutterstock_1967134333-300x199The construction industry is an integral part of commerce and the growth of Michigan’s economy. Many construction companies are working in overdrive to make up for the slowdown in projects during the height of the pandemic. While these valiant efforts might be necessary, they also increase the risk of workplace injuries in Michigan. Although state and federal laws impose safety standards on worksites and construction companies, accidents and injuries continue to occur.

These cases are challenging as they often involve multiple parties and a chain reaction of events. Every stage of a claim has its burdens, and an attorney can work with an accident victim and their family to make sure that the court hears the most compelling and legally sound case.

The first stage is one of the most time-sensitive parts of a claim involving the accident investigation. An experienced attorney can review whether the construction site or workplace followed the standards set forth by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) and Michigan’s state plan. These agencies govern safety issues surrounding dangerous items and workplace conditions and emergency protocols. For instance, they issue rules regarding boilers, contaminants, personal protective equipment, electrical hazards, cranes, scaffolds, elevators, and hoists. Any deviance from the safety standards can have severe and potentially life-threatening consequences.

For example, local news reports described the tragic death of a man who was killed in a Michigan workplace accident. The man was working for a water company near a hydroelectric dam when the incident occurred. According to a preliminary investigation, crew members were moving construction items into place with a crane when the boom snapped off and slammed into the man. Michigan’s Occupational Health and Safety Administration is actively investigating the accident.

According to the Center for Construction Research and Training, laborers experienced the most fatalities compared to other construction employees. Laborers’ death rate was nearly double that of forepersons, which is the second most deadly occupation. Michigan workplace accidents may involve personal injury or workers’ compensation claims. These cases often hinge on the specific circumstances of the case, such as whether the accident occurred in a common work area, the status of the worker, and whether any third parties were involved in the incident. An attorney can help clients determine which path to recovery is appropriate in their case.

Have You Suffered Injuries at a Construction Site?

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