One Killed in Michigan Head On Collision

shutterstock_667288234-300x200Head on collisions are one of the most dangerous types of car accidents for several reasons. One of the reasons why head on collisions are so dangerous is that they often involve high speeds, as these accidents typically occur on undivided highways or other roads that have higher speed limits. Another reason why head on collisions often result in such serious injuries is that the impact in these accidents is direct, meaning a vehicle goes from traveling full speed to a complete stop in a split second. The results of a head on accident are often fatal, and even when motorists survive, they may suffer lifelong debilitating injuries.

According to a recent news source, a head on collision in Cheboygan County claimed the life of one Michigan man. The accident occurred on M-68 near the M-33 junction in Koehler Township at approximately 5:25 in the morning. Evidently, the driver of a Ford pickup truck was heading eastbound on M-68 when he suddenly lost control of the vehicle. The truck crossed over the center median and into oncoming traffic, at which point it collided with an oncoming car, driven by a 54-year-old man from Onaway. Emergency responders came to the scene and determined that driver of the car had died from the injuries he sustained in the accident. The driver of the pickup truck suffered minor injuries. Emergency responders were able to treat him on the scene, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Fault in Michigan Head On Accidents

Head on accidents don’t just happen; they are almost always caused by driver negligence. In the case discussed above, there is no indication of what caused the driver of the pickup truck to lose control and cross into oncoming traffic. While the official investigation is still underway, it is likely that the driver was somehow negligent.

Accident victims who were injured in a head on collision can seek financial compensation for what they’ve been through, as can families who lost a loved one in a fatal head on collision. To succeed in a personal injury or wrongful death claim based on a car accident, the accident victim or their family must prove that the other driver was legally negligent. While every case is different, the fact that a driver lost control of their vehicle may give rise to an inference of negligence, provided there is no other explanation as to why the driver lost control of their vehicle.

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