Two friends were arrested for OWI in Michigan after one drives to the scene to assist her friend.   

Michigan – January 20, 2023

Two friends in Northern Michigan found out that showing up to support a friend does not always yield positive results when one was arrested during a traffic stop.  According to troopers from the Michigan State Police Gaylord Post, a woman was stopped in Otsego County after police suspected her of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.  She called her friend to help, and the friend arrived and was promptly arrested for OWI as they had been drinking together earlier.  Alcohol and drug-related fatal crashes remain a significant traffic safety issue in Michigan, with approximately 44.7 percent of the total fatal crashes involving alcohol and drugs in 2021. Drunk driving is considered an illegal criminal act in Michigan and the consequences of a driving-related death due to operating while intoxicated can severely and negatively impact the negligent driver’s life no matter how the case turns out.

Severe stance.

The State of Michigan takes a strong stand against intoxicated drivers and carries more severe penalties regarding injuries occurring because of a drunk driver than some other states.  When an OWI injury turns into a wrongful death situation, there is a possibility of extended jail time. When operating while intoxicated (OWI) is a reason for a car accident death, the answer could be “Yes” for jail time.  However, jail time is based on a multitude of factors that will have to be brought to light during the criminal and civil proceedings, if there is a personal injury wrongful death suit filed.  It is best for survivors of those lost in accidents to talk with a Michigan car accident attorney to determine next actions.

Possible OWI charges when death or injury is not involved.

OWI 1st

A first drunk driving charge is a misdemeanor resulting in a suspended license for up to six months with a fine of $100-$500 in most cases. There is also a possibility of up to 93 days of jail time.  The judge will impact orders for community service up 360 hours, forced ignition lock devices and vehicle immobilization for up to 180 days.  There will be a suspension of driver’s license for 30 days with a restriction for up to 150 days along with 6 points added to the driver’s record.

OWI 2nd

A second drunk driving charge is a misdemeanor often resulting in license suspension for a minimum of one year but can vary with order from judge. Fees can vary from $200 to $1,000 plus the additional Michigan driver responsibility fee of $1,000.  Jail time can range from 5-365 days, and 6 points will be added for a driver license record along with vehicle plate forfeiture.  Community service forced ignition locking devices and vehicle mobilization can also be ordered by the judge.

OWI 3rd

A third offense drunk driving falls into a felony class, with a minimum of one year driver’s license suspension and minimum jail time of one year and the maximum jail time of five years. Automobile plates will be taken, and 6 points will be added to a driver license record.  Sometimes community service, forced ignition locking devices and vehicle immobilization is ordered unless it has been forfeited.

Hire a lawyer.

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