University of Michigan physician at center of sexual abuse scandal

AndersonNeumann Law Group is accepting new clients who were sexually assaulted by Dr. Robert E. Anderson, university physician at the University of Michigan. Our firm successfully sued Michigan State University on behalf of survivors of the shockingly similar predator, Dr. Larry Nassar. Our firm is committed to advancing the rights of individuals who suffered because the two of the most vaunted educational institutions in America failed to protect the students charged to their care.

Dr. Robert E. Anderson (deceased, 2008), who worked as a physician for the University of Michigan from 1968 through 2003, is at the center of numerous allegations of sexual assault. The university is now the subject of a federal lawsuit, brought by a survivor of his abuse, alleging the school had knowledge of the doctor’s predilections, and rather than protecting the vulnerable students, U-M protected him. The university allowed him to continue his pattern of assaults for several decades.

Survivors describe Anderson’s behavior began during the draft era of the Vietnam War. The first step in being drafted was receiving a physical. Anderson offered to write students a letter stating that the potential draftee was homosexual, a declaration that at the time disqualified an otherwise suitable candidate for compelled military service. However, he demanded sexual favors in return—something that was well known in the Ann Arbor gay community at the time.

One of the survivors who filed suit against U-M alleges Anderson forced him to take off his underwear during an exam necessary to keep his flight status as an employee of General Motors. During the exam, Anderson fondled his testicles and engaged in an unnecessary and inappropriate rectal exam. Numerous student athletes have described similar encounters over Anderson’s tenure with U-M. Presently, multiple individuals have joined in a lawsuit against the University for its ongoing protection of the physician—and hundreds of others have filed complaints with the school.

The allegations outline a lengthy, and horrific pattern of abuse. Numerous complaints were lodged with the university regarding the abuse spanning from 1968 through 2003. Despite the alarming reports, the university protected and facilitated his continued abuse. Even after Anderson was fired as director of the university’s health services, U-M allowed him to continue performing athlete exams—it even went so far as to pressure athletes to keep quiet about their concerns or risk losing their athletic scholarship money.

Many of the victims were former wrestling and hockey players, although at least two football players have made complaints, including on football player that was on a national title winning squad. The university now appears to be coming to terms with the situation, issuing a statement apologizing for the harm caused by Anderson. The school is presently encouraging anyone that was a victim of the doctor’s assaultive tenure to come forward with their stories, offering third-party support services, and promising a full accounting of any failings on behalf of the university.

If you or a loved one was subjected to sexual assault at the hands of Dr. Anderson, call the experienced attorneys at Neumann Law Group. Our attorneys have handled cases filed against Michigan State University for the abuse of Dr. Larry Nassar’s infamous sexual assaults and are prepared to fight for the victims of Dr. Anderson with the same ferocity.

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