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Michigan resident Lindsey Bresnahan is suing Jimmy John’s after allegedly suffering a serious allergic reaction to a sandwich containing Dijon mustard. Bresnahan filed suit in federal court in Grand Rapids last month.The complaint alleges that Bresnahan has been unable to speak above a whisper since the incident occurred. The offending sandwich was delivered to her job at a financial loan office from a Comstock Park franchise this summer. She ordered a “Bill Club unwich,” which uses lettuce in lieu of bread and contains roast beef, provolone cheese, smoked ham, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, and Dijon mustard. Bresnaham claims she specifically asked Jimmy John’s to omit the mayonnaise and Dijon. (Bresnahan discovered her Dijon allergy roughly a year before the incident.) Soon after biting into her sandwich, she quickly realized that both condiments had erroneously been included. Bresnahan immediately began experiencing symptoms, such as coughing, watering eyes, and her throat starting to close.

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