Michigan Road Safety During Winter Weather

shutterstock_182286515-300x200Michigan is no stranger to freezing temperatures, snowy conditions, and icy weather. Familiarity with cold weather, however, does not mean that accidents because of weather conditions are less common. Because driving on a slick or snow-covered surface can be a challenge for even the most careful and safe of drivers, it is crucial to drive with care to prevent serious accidents from taking place.

According to a recent local news report, two people died and a third is experiencing life-threatening injuries after a multi-vehicle car accident in west Michigan. Local state troopers reported that a pickup truck was traveling west when the driver lost control, crossed the center line, and crashed into a Ford head-on. Police believe that ice on the road was the primary culprit for the accident. Both the driver of the pickup truck and the driver of the Ford were pronounced dead on the scene, and the passenger riding in the Ford was transported to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. The accident remains under investigation.

In 2019 alone, there were an estimated 182,000 crashes across the country that involved winter weather conditions. Unfortunately, Michigan is also no stranger to these accidents, despite its familiarity with icy weather. If you must drive during poor weather conditions, there are several things you can do to stay safe and to keep others you’re sharing the road with safe as well.

When a surface is covered in ice or snow, it is harder to control your vehicle no matter how much dexterity you have as a driver. The best thing to do in snowy conditions is to slow down. By slowing down, you have more control over your vehicle and can anticipate potential slowdowns or obstacles ahead of you on the road. Slowing down and ensuring that you aren’t following cars ahead of you too closely can also mean that in the event that you need to pump the brakes, you have enough room to stop, change lanes to get out of the way, and prevent an accident caused by slippery conditions.

In the event of an emergency where you are stalled or stopped in wintry weather conditions, it is crucial to take additional precautions to keep yourself and your passengers safe.

First, experts recommend staying in your car and not overexerting yourself. Because it is unclear how long you may be stalled, you should conserve your energy if possible. Second, making sure your car is visible is important. By either putting markers on the vehicle and windows and keeping the interior dome light on, others can spot you in case help is on the way. Lastly, being mindful of carbon monoxide poisoning is crucial. Check your exhaust pipe regularly to make sure that it is clear of any snow, and only run your car in small bursts of time long enough to stay warm.

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