MDOT Developing Technology to Reduce Michigan Wrong-Way Accidents

shutterstock_1086785336-300x200According to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, head-on and wrong-way accidents disproportionately represent fatal accidents on two-lane highways. While any accident can result in serious injuries, wrong-way accidents tend to have the most disastrous consequences. For example, a Detroit news report recently described a harrowing Michigan wrong-way accident.

Michigan State Police explained that they received a call regarding a wrong-way driver; however, two people were found dead by the time police arrived. This accident is the second major Michigan wrong-way accident this year. In early January, the other accident occurred when a 25-year-old driver traveling the wrong way crashed into a 33-year-old woman and her 6-year-old son. The wrong-way driver and the woman died in the accident, and her son was released nearly a month after the crash.

The Michigan Department of Transportation started testing technology to flash at wrong-way drivers due to the growing number of accidents involving wrong-way motorists. The technology will notify MDOT to alert police if the driver does not turn around. An MDOT spokesperson states that this technology will alert authorities faster than a passing motorist. They believe that quick notification is the key to preventing a catastrophic incident.

While notification is critical to remediating a potentially fatal accident, understanding risk factors and prevention also play a critical role in reducing these accidents. According to research, many factors impact the severity of a wrong-way accident. Some common factors are road segments, weather conditions, road conditions, and time. Studies indicate that wet roadways and narrow road segments were significantly increased the likelihood of a deadly crash. Further, the most consistent factor in the analysis was pavement width, possibly because a wider road offers more room to avoid a direct collision. Additionally, the efficacy and performance of a vehicle’s brakes are essential to reducing the severity of an accident. While drivers should take all steps to avoid these types of accidents, the fact remains that other contributing factors make these accidents more deadly.

Those who suffer injuries in a wrong-way accident should consult with an attorney to determine all potentially liable parties and avenues to relief. In many cases, more than one liable party may be responsible for paying damages to the victim.

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