Establishing Liability in a Michigan Truck Accident


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Due to Michigan’s location in the center of the country, the state gets a high volume of semi-truck traffic. While most of these Michigan truck drivers are professionals who take their job – as well as the safety of their fellow motorists – very seriously, that is not always the case. Indeed, according to the most recent government statistics, there were over 14,000 Michigan truck accidents in 2017 alone. These accidents resulted in nearly 2,500 injuries and almost 100 deaths.

What is perhaps more startling than the raw numbers is the fact that the majority of these Michigan truck accidents are preventable. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, vehicle problems and environmental factors account for only 13% of all truck accidents, and a shocking 87% of all truck accidents can be attributed to driver error. Most commonly, these accidents are the result of poor decision making or a truck driver’s failure to recognize imminent hazards, turns, and vehicles.

Those who have been injured in a Michigan truck accident can pursue a claim for compensation against a truck driver. In many cases, the accident victim can also name the driver’s employer as a defendant. To establish liability, an accident victim must be able to show that the truck driver violated a duty of care that was owed to the accident victim, and that the violation of that duty was the cause of the accident victim’s injuries.

Woman Killed in Michigan Rear-End Truck Accident

Earlier this month, one woman was killed and several other motorists were injured in a Michigan truck accident involving a semi-truck and several other vehicles. According to a local news report, a woman was waiting in a line of traffic that formed when a truck up ahead got into an accident.

A semi-truck approached the line of traffic, but did not begin to brake in time, crashing into the back of the woman’s vehicle. After the initial collision, the truck rolled over onto its side, landing on two other vehicles in an adjacent lane. The woman who was rear-ended was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency responders, and the two drivers in the other vehicles were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Police have begun an investigation into the fatal accident.

Have You Been injured in a Michigan Truck Accident?

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